For real though come see the king and i. its so dope.

CHallen Tighe


Girls. I do theatre most definitely because of the girls.

Elizabeth soucy


​I am apart of our theatre program because in a world of fixed proportions and neigh-sayers, you can become anyone or anything, all the while surrounded by a group of people who truly embody the essence of what it means to be a kind and understanding human being.​

Reegan m Fabian


I do drama because it allows me to live the dreams of performing I suppressed for much of my life. Theatre truly is a wonderland of opportunity that puts your creativity on display to permeate not only an audience but you as a person forever. Theatre made me realize that I can broaden my horizons with song, dance, and leadership while still staying loyal to my true passion of acting. I'm on Drama Board because I want to give to the newcomers all the joy this troupe gave me when I first started out. I do Drama because it drives me more than anything else - I feel as if I am where I was always meant to be​

Emily Sinz


​​I do drama because it is simply the most beneficial, diversified activity you could ever be a part of. Theatre is also the single most multifaceted activity that I've ever gotten the pleasure to participate in. There's something for everyone- Performers, Makeup artists, Set/ Lighting/ Sound/ Costume designer, Playwrights, Stagehands- you name it, we have it. Drama boosts your personal creative ability while also allowing you to respond and interpret others ideas in a group. The communities of people you meet in theatre are awesome; We celebrate and accept our weirdness! Passion can find you anywhere and, if you’re like me, joining drama will help you find it.​

Simone Schuster

vice President

(In green dress) Theater is an activity that lets me be myself or someone else. Being up on a stage gives me a rush of excitement that nothing else can give me. I love working with people who are just as energetic and excited when it comes to theater. It is an outlet for stress and anger, and always pushes me to grow and learn more about others, myself, and my relationship with others.​

Sarrah Taouil

New members

​I may be a bit of drama queen, but my love for theatre ain't no meme. Why I love drama you ask? Well it's certainly no boring task. Sarrah, is it because you love to act? Well yes, that is a fact. But my love for theatre ranges from many a place, it's not a race of who can win best place but more of how creative you can be with no limits to your dreams. I might strop rhyming now because I ain't no Shakespeare but why I truly love theatre lies right here (in my heart). You can be anyone you want to be, you grow and become more confident and a well-rounded person. It's a feeling you can't possibly fit into words. Try it and you'll see. Maybe you'll become part of the family.

Why do we do drama?

​The board members of Countryside High School's Theatre Department answer a simple question. "Why do you do drama?"